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Table 1 Data Collection at Baseline Screening

From: International Study to Predict Optimized Treatment for Depression (iSPOT-D), a randomized clinical trial: rationale and protocol

Domain Measure Time (minutes) Method Administrator
Consent Consent 15 Interview CTC
Eligibility Inclusion/Exclusion 5 Interview CTC
Psychiatric diagnoses MINI-Plus 45 Interview CTC
Symptoms HRSD17 15 Interview CTC
  QIDS-SR16   Web self-report Part
Characteristics Demographics Medical History 10 Web self report Part.
  1. Abbreviations:
  2. CTC = Clinical Trial Coordinator
  3. MINI-Plus = Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview - Plus
  4. HRSD17 = 17-item Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
  5. QIDS-SR16 = 16-item Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology - Self-Rated
  6. Part. = Participant