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Table 1 Recruitment of participants

From: Effects of an exercise programme for chronically ill and mobility-restricted elderly with structured support by the general practitioner's practice (HOMEfit) - study protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Step Selection criteria Documented variables Performed by
1. Patients ≥ 70 years who have seen their GP within the past 6 months → N1 Number (N1)  
2. Screening N1: Exclusion of institutionalised patients (nursing home) → N2 Number (N2)  
3. Screening N2 for inclusion and exclusion criteria
→ N3
Number (N3) Study physician and practice nurse
  if N3 is < 20
→ Exclusion of practice
  if N3 is between 20 and x*
→ N3 = N4
→ Step 4
  if N3 is > x*
→ x* patients are randomly selected
→ x* = N4
→ Step 4
4. Final list of patients to be invited → N4 -Number (N4)
-Year of birth
5. Mailing of invitations to N4 for a screening at the GP's practice; appointments with interested patients are made according to a given timetable.   Practice nurse
6. Screening of patients at the GP's practice → N5
-final assessment of eligibility
-patient information
-written informed consent
-Number (N5)
-Year of birth
-Written informed consent
-Reasons for exclusion
1. GP
2. Exercise therapist
7. Patients who keep their first appointment with the exercise therapist to start the intervention → N6 -Number (N6)
-All patient characteristics
Exercise therapist
  1. * X is set to 70 for the first practice and may be adapted during the course of the study depending on the recruitment success of the following steps.