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Table 3 Alerts to Patients and Nurse Case Manager

From: Effect of a web-based chronic disease management system on asthma control and health-related quality of life: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Event or trigger Alert to patient Alert to nurse
Patient Not logging into MAP Emails sent at 7 days and 14 days since the last log-in to the patient. Alert to nurse at 21 days since the last log-in.
Asthma Out of Control (OOC) and Action Plan Use   
Patient OOC and action plan not started: Email to patient within 24 hours of OOC status detected Nurse receives alert "AP not started" alert (after 48 hrs)
If patient starts action plan:
Patient turns yellow in case management patient list and stays yellow for 14 days.
Nurse updates action plan of a patient: Email to patient and pop-up when patient logs-in  
Patient indicates not understanding action plan   Nurse receive alert and contacts patient
Add/change medication:
Patient adds or changes medication in asthma target questionnaire
  Nurse receives "create/review action plan" alert
If it is the patient's first entry of medication the alert is an "Initial drug list" alert
Preventative medication monitoring   Increase or decrease of intake triggers alert to nurse
Rescue medication monitoring:
FABA, oral corticosteroid
  Increase triggers alert to nurse
Discrepancy in medication detected:
Discrepancy between what is prescribed and what is dispensed
After 1 week an email is sent to the patient After 2 weeks an alert is sent to the nurse
Change in medication detected:
Physician enters change through MOXXI for patient's asthma medication
  If, when the patient fills out the monitoring questionnaire, patient does not update medication change, an alert is sent to the nurse