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Table 1 Summary of MAP Features

From: Effect of a web-based chronic disease management system on asthma control and health-related quality of life: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Care Management Gap MAP Feature
Asthma related knowledge Tailored education by linking educational material to parts of the personal health record
Learning Center
Knowledge of personal asthma medical information Asthma Personal Health Record
Self- monitoring of asthma symptoms and health MAP tracking system:
Medication adherence
Action Plan Use and Understanding
Physical Activity
Guidance for adopting optimal self-management behaviors:
Adherence to preventative medication, Starting and maintaining action plan use as prescribed
Initiating and maintaining physical activity
Developing a partnership with the healthcare team
Create short-term behavior-change goals that are realistic, achievable and sustainable
Decision Support
Visual feedback of monitoring information and health behavior improvement through My Asthma Target
Ongoing communication and support from the care team Communication and feedback from a nurse case manager