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Table 1 Trial outcome measures and instruments: baseline, 6, 24 and 36 weeks

From: A comparison of specialist rehabilitation and care assistant support with specialist rehabilitation alone and usual care for people with Parkinson's living in the community: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Participant Outcome measure Instrument
Person with Parkinson's Parkinson's disability/general activities Self Assessment Parkinson's Disease Disability Scale [46] (PRIMARY OUTCOME)
  Parkinson's specific Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire [47]
   Non Motor Symptom Questionnaire [48]
  Mobility Posture and gait items from the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale [49]
   Timed up and go [50]
  Falls Self report
  Speech Single speech item from the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale [49]
   Abridged Emerson and Enderby Screening Assessment Rating Scale [51]
   Frenchay Dysarthria Summary [52]
   Speech self report questionnaire [1012]
  Pain Visual analogue scale [53]
  Generic health related quality of life/QALYs Euro Qol 5D, with utility index for calculation of quality adjusted life years (QALYs) [54]
  Self efficacy Self efficacy scale [55]
  Health and social care utilisation Customised proforma and patient records
Live-in carer Carer strain Modified caregiver strain index [56]
  General health General health questionnaire - 12 [57]
Both Activities of daily living Barthel ADL index [58]
  Social activities Frenchay Activities index [59]
  Psychological wellbeing Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale [60]
   Yale single item depression screening tool [61]
  Generic health related quality of life Short form - 36 Health Survey [62]