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Table 1 Study design

From: Endoscopic Saphenous harvesting with an Open CO2 System (ESOS) trial for coronary artery bypass grafting surgery: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion Criteria: Exclusion Criteria:
Elective planned CABG surgery Emergency revascularization: patients with hemodynamic instability or requiring inotropic or intra-aortic balloon support
First isolated CABG surgery Previous cardiac surgery
Adult patients (18 years and older) and competent to give informed consent Planned concomitant valve surgery
  Bad varicous veins
  Previous safenectomy
  History of deep vein thrombosis
  History of suffered trauma on the lower extremity
  Preoperative legs immobilization
  Previous leg wound complications
  Coexisting illness with life expectancy < five years