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Table 2 Pharmacotherapy selection protocol

From: Acupuncture as analgesia for low back pain, ankle sprain and migraine in emergency departments: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

1st line therapy options: Ankle sprain Lower back pain Migraine
diazepam 5 mg   X  
3centerHartmans5% DextroseNaCl 0.9% X X X
metaclopramide 10-20 mg IV or prochlorperazine 12.5 mg IM, if there is significant nausea and vomiting.    X
paracetamol 1 g X X X
paracetamol with codeine X X X
Tramadol 50-100 mg X X X
dextropropoxphene and paracetamol X X X
ibuprofen OR diclofenac OR indomethicin X X X
2 nd line therapy options:
> 1 hour (t1)
Ankle sprain Lower back pain Migraine
Morphine 2.5 mg IV boluses X X X
Chlorpromazine: 25 mg in 1000 ml normal saline IV    X