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Table 2 Outcome measures

From: An effectiveness study of an integrated, community-based package for maternal, newborn, child and HIV care in South Africa: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Mortality, growth and HIV status Neonatal mortality rate (deaths in the first 28 days of life, per 1000 live births)
Identification of HIV status in infants at 12 weeks using PCR testing
Infant weight and length at 12 weeks
Coverage of care Co-trimoxazole initiation amongst HIV exposed infants at 6 weeks
Clinic visit within the 1stweek
Having received a postnatal care visit by a CBHW within 48 hours
Assessment of biological markers of illness such as diarrhoea
Assessment of uptake of HIV specific care and treatment for HIV positive families
Key behaviours Infant feeding patterns will be recorded through 24 hour and previous three-day recall
Participation in ANC, VCT, Well-child, Post-partum and PMTCT services
Satisfaction with ANC, Delivery, Newborn, Post-partum and PMTCT services
HIV status disclosure
Maternal care behaviours of infant cleanliness, warmth
Positive behaviours such as the occurrence of immediate (first hour of life) and exclusive breastfeeding at six weeks. Infant feeding patterns will be recorded through 24 hour and previous seven-day recall at 12 weeks.
Maternal care-seeking behaviour for infant illness, detection of illness - recognizing signs and severity will be recorded at 12 weeks
Use of dual protection methods for family planning and HIV/STD prevention recorded at 12 weeks
Maternal mental state assessed at 12 weeks