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Table 1 Eligibility and outline of methods for PODOSA

From: Recruiting South Asians to a lifestyle intervention trial: experiences and lessons from PODOSA (Prevention of Diabetes & Obesity in South Asians)

Eligibility Exclusion criteria Methods
Pakistani/Indian origin Current steroid medication Participants are screened by an oral glucose tolerance test to identify those with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) and/or impaired fasting glycaemia (IFG)
Living in Edinburgh or Glasgow areas Pregnancy Recruits with IGT/IFG plus any family volunteers are randomised into two groups, one group having 15 dietitian contacts, the other 4 contacts, over 3 years
Age ≥ 35 years Expectation of emigration, or a medical condition indicating adherence to the study intervention would be unlikely Dietitians visit the participating families in their homes, to provide advice and motivational support in relation to losing weight and increasing physical activity
Waist ≥ 90 cm (35in) for men and ≥ 80 cm (31in) for women