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Table 1 Overview of Health Education Counseling Sessions

From: Design, baseline characteristics, and retention of African American light smokers into a randomized trial involving biological data

Session Number Goal Topic
Randomization, Week 0 (30 minutes) Establish rapport with participant-emphasizing willingness to help them quit and encouraging their motivation/confidence to quit smoking. AA tobacco use, health risks, benefits of quitting, learning from past quit attempts; and developing a plan for quit day. Instructions of medication use as well as Identifying triggers and managing withdrawal were also reviewed
Week 1 (15 minutes) Reinforce quit day plan, address medication use, identify concerns, barriers, and strategies for success If Quit: Rewarding yourself, recovering from slip, review medication use or ending medication (week 7), managing stress, alternatives to smoking, identify barriers, and living smoke-free
Week 3 (20 minutes) Reinforce and encourage abstinence efforts. Identify concerns, barriers, and strategies for successes  
Week 5 (15 minutes)   
Week 7 (20 minutes)   
Week 16 (15 minutes)   If still smoking: Review reasons for not quitting, review reasons for quitting, discuss specific problems that lead to relapse, and attempt to set a new quit plan
  1. Weeks 0, 3, 7 conducted in person. Weeks 1, 5, 16 conducted via telephone.