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Table 3 School-based intervention studies in the UK

From: The Active for Life Year 5 (AFLY5) school based cluster randomised controlled trial: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Study Design
N Schools (Children)
Participants & setting Intervention Key results
Be Smart [41] Non-cluster pilot RCT 3 (213) Age: 5-7; Area: Oxford 3 interventions with lessons to:
1. Promote healthy eating
2. Promote physical activity
3. Both 1 & 2
Improved knowledge and intake of fruit and vegetables with all interventions. No effect on BMI
APPLES [42] Cluster RCT
10 (634)
Age: 7-11; Area: Leeds Teacher training to promote healthy lifestyle; modification of school dinners & tuck shop; increased PE classes and playground activities Modest increase in vegetable consumption. No effect on sedentary behaviour, physical activity, BMI
CHOPPS [43, 44] Cluster RCT
6 (644)
Age: 7-11; Area: Dorset Focused lesson based education programme aimed at discouraging the consumption of carbonated drinks Mean difference in carbonated drinks comparing pupils from control to intervention schools: 0.7 glasses/3 days (95%CI:0.1, 1.3); mean difference in % overweight 7.7% (2.2, 13.1%)
Recent long-term follow-up (2 years after end of intervention): Mean difference in change in BMI z-score 0.10 (95%:0.00, 0.21) and in % overweight 4.6%(-4.3, 13.5%) comparing control to intervention
Registered and was due to start 1/9/2010. Target sample
44 (1922)
Age 9-10; Schools with predominantly or large south Asian population
Area: Birmingham
Increase curricular based activity levels; health cooking sessions with parents; interaction with local football team (Aston Villa); information about local leisure facilities N/A - trial currently underway