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Table 3 Complications

From: Rationale and design of the plate or pin (pop) study for dislocated midshaft clavicular fractures: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Intra-operative complications Post-operative complications
- Nerve/vessel damage - Wound healing disorders (infection, hypertrophic scar, dehiscence)
- Other operative complications - Transient brachial plexus laesion (defined as paresthesia of the arm, and weakness of the pink and index finger)
  - Irritation of the implant (post-operative pain/itch/redness/irritation)
  - Migration of the implant
  - Breakage of the implant
  - Non-union (defined as lack of radiographic healing with clinical evidence of pain and motion at the fracture site after 6 months)
  - Mal-union (defined as union of the fracture in a shortened, angulated, or displaced position with weakness, easy fatigability, pain with overhead activity, neurologic symptoms, and shoulder asymmetry)
  - Other complications