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Table 2 The Rancho Los Amigos Scale (RLAS)

From: Early postoperative cognitive dysfunction and postoperative delirium after anaesthesia with various hypnotics: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial - The PINOCCHIO trial

Level I No response to pain, touch, sound or sight
Level II Generalized reflex response to pain
Level III Localized response. Blinks to strong light, turns toward/away from sound, responds to physical discomfort, inconsistent response to commands
Level IV Confused/Agitated. Alert, performs motor activities but behavior is non purposeful, extremely short attention span
Level V Confused/Non agitated. Gross attention to environment, highly distractible, inappropriate verbalization
Level VI Confused/Appropriated. Inconsistent orientation to time and place, consistently follows simple directions
Level VII Automatic/Appropriated. Skills noticeably deteriorated
Level VIII Purposeful/Appropriate