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Table 1 Outcome parameter and instruments of the PraCMan trial

From: Primary care practice-based care management for chronically ill patients (PraCMan): study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN56104508]

Outcome parameter Instrument Data source
Primary outcome
All-cause hospitalizations Data on admissions IC
Secondary outcomes
Sociodemographic data Single items from German standard questionnaire [44] PQ
Mortality Patient chart CRF/IC
Quality of Life EuroQol (EQ-5D) [45] PQ
  Short Form 12 Health Questionnaire (SF 12) [46] PQ
Quality of Care Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) [47] PQ
Depression Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9) [48] PQ
Adherence Medication Adherence Reporting Scale (MARS) [49] PQ
Physical Activity The Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity (RAPA) [50] PQ
Smoking status Self developed items CRF
Self-management CHF European Selfcare Behaviour Scale (EHFScB) [51] PQ
Self-management COPD/DM Self developed instrument PQ
Medication regimen Pharmacy data IC
Healthcare costs Data from hospital care, ambulatory care, nursing facilities, pharmacies, rehabilitation IC
Activities of daily living ADL [52]
IADL [53]
Comorbidity Cumulative Illness Rating Scale (CIRS) [54] CRF
Home visits/Practice visits Self developed items CRF
CHF decompensation (CHF patients) Self developed items CRF
COPD exacerbation (COPD patients) Self developed items CRF
Hypoglycaemia (DM patients) Self developed items CRF
Body mass index Weight, Height CRF
Blood pressure (all patients) Standardized Measurement in the practice CRF
Fasting glucose Patient chart CRF
Hemoglobin-A1c Patient chart CRF
Dyspnoea (CHF and COPD patients) Current NYHA-classification (CHF patients) or current MRC Dyspnoe Score (COPD patients) [55] CRF
Forced expiratory volume (COPD patients) Standardized Measurement in the practice CRF
  1. PQ: Patient questionnaire, CRF: Case Report Form, IC: Insurance claims data.