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Table 1 Clean Wet-Cupping Technique

From: Evaluation of wet-cupping therapy for persistent non-specific low back pain: a randomised, waiting-list controlled, open-label, parallel-group pilot trial

1 Wear sterilised gloves.
2 Find points for wet-cupping and indicate the sites by surgical marking pen.
3 Swab with 10% potadine solution and put a disposable cap to auto-lancet.
4 Punctuate 6 points along the marked site in 2 mm-depth and attach cups on the skin.
5 Exhaust inner air of the cups with maximum negative pressure by manual pumping.
6 Retain the cups for 5 minutes.
7 Open the exhausting valve and remove the cup.
8 Swab and stanch the treated sites with 10% potadine solution and apply bandages.
9 Let the participant rest for 5 minutes.