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Table 2 Additional documents to enhance the quality of trials in low resource settings

From: The challenges and opportunities of conducting a clinical trial in a low resource setting: The case of the Cameroon mobile phone SMS (CAMPS) trial, an investigator initiated trial

Document Contents Use
Interviewer contracts Names of interviewer, duration of recruitment period, roles and responsibilities of the investigators and interviewers including number of participants to be enrolled Clearly defines roles and responsibilities of the concerned parties. Sets individual targets for interviewers
Recruitment log Dates, number of forms filled, interviewer names, problems encountered, refusals and non-eligible subjects Easily exploitable enrolment data, quality control of data, a good feedback mechanism
Trial contact list Names, functions and phone numbers of everybody involved in the trial Handy contact list, permits real time communication with interviewers, coaching and encouragement
Interviewer follow-up form Names of participants, dates of enrolment, date of next visit Essential for interviewers to track patients and prepare for follow-up visits
Participant feedback log Dates, times, contact addresses and content of feedback from participants Provides ongoing monitoring of intervention Useful data for providing a context for later findings