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Table 1 List of difficulties that may be encountered and potential solutions

From: The challenges and opportunities of conducting a clinical trial in a low resource setting: The case of the Cameroon mobile phone SMS (CAMPS) trial, an investigator initiated trial

Difficulties that may be encountered Potential solutions
Regulatory bodies with different standards Loco- regional recognition of international standards
Adaptation of international standards to local realities
Administrative bottle necks Creation of research managing bodies within the administration
Financial bottle necks Budgets should be drawn after extensive ground work
Multiple languages The local languages should be considered from the conception stages
Patient compensation options Ethical, feasible options should be employed after consulting with patient associations, other researchers and health personnel
Interviewer compensation modalities All the options should be discussed openly with the interviewers during the preliminary stages and contracts established
Inadequate interviewer competence Training and capacity building
Different ages for legal consent Country specific age of legal consent must be taken into account when drafting the protocol
No dedicated administrative officer An experienced administrative officer should be hired