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Table 1 Timetable for study participation for mentored and control subjects

From: Peer mentorship to promote effective pain management in adolescents: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

S TUDY P ARTICIPATION F OR A DOLESCENT M ENTORED AND C ONTROL S UBJECTS Baseline Week 1-2 Week 3-8 2-month follow-up Weeks 9-16 4-month follow-up
   Demographics, NRS & body diagram X X X X   X
   FDI X X X X   X
   CASI X    X   X
   RCADS X    X   X
   BDI-II suicidality X X X X   X
   Treatment tracking X X X X   X
Interview X    X   
Estimated Time Required for Study Participation 76 MINS 140-260 MINS 240-420 MINS 86 MINS   56 MINS