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Table 2 Project milestones

From: Evaluation of a Medical and Mental Health Unit compared with standard care for older people whose emergency admission to an acute general hospital is complicated by concurrent 'confusion': a controlled clinical trial. Acronym: TEAM: Trial of an Elderly Acute care Medical and mental health unit

From To Activity
2006 2008 Programme planning and funding application
Feb 2009 July 2010 Planning, development and maturation of MMHU intervention
May 2009 June 2010 Recruitment and follow up of cohort (case series), pilot study for the trial
February 2010   Submission to Research Ethics Committee and Hospital Research governance
May 2010 July 2010 Pilot random allocation to MMHU or standard care
July 2010 December 2011 Trial recruitment (possible extension to July 2012)
October 2010 March 2012 Follow up
January 2011 December 2011 Non participant observer study
March 2012 October 2012 Final data cleaning, analysis, write up
April 2013   Service support funding ceases
July 2013   Research funding ceases