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Table 1 Schedule of data collection

From: Design paper: A phase II study of Bevacizumab and Erlotinib in patients with non-Squamous non-small cell lung cancer that is refractory or relapsed after 1-2 previous Treatment (BEST)

  Baseline Under
At termination
of treatment
After termination
of treatment
Physical examination     
   Weight, performance status  
   Blood pressure
Laboratory test     
   Blood count   
   Biochemistry test   
   Urine test   
   SpO2   *1
   Electrocardiography *1   
   EGFR gene    
Radiology test     
   Chest Xp *1   *1
   Chest CT *2   *3
   Abdominal CT/Ultra sonography *2   *3
   Head CT/MRI *1   *1
   Bone scintigraphy/PET *1   *1
  1. *1 If necessary
  2. *2 Every 6 weeks
  3. *3 Six weeks after termination if treatment is terminated for reasons other than progression of disease