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Table 1 Number and percentage of queries generated (all queries)

From: Clinical Trials: Minimising source data queries to streamline endpoint adjudication in a large multi-national trial

Type of query Frequency Relative %
Unique Subject Identifiers1 115 14.7
Missing baseline or event ECGs 117 15.0
Missing Troponin2/cardiac enzymes 83 10.6
Missing results/reports3 131 16.8
Illegible or obscured data 105 13.4
Dates/signatures4 181 23.1
Additional information5 50 6.4
Total 782 100
  1. Erroneous or inconsistent1; level, type, or lower limit of detection2; neurological or cardiac imaging3; erroneous, missing, or inconsistent dates; missing signatures4; insufficient clinical information to permit adjudication5.