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Table 2 Coding guideline for the homeopathic drug proving

From: Protocol for a phase 1 homeopathic drug proving trial

Categories +Subcategories Definition Example Code (Example)
Locality Anatomic location where the symptom appears. Nose, chest. QL
   + specification       + QL-nose
       + QL-chest
Sensation Sensation that is observed in a symptom. Stitch, dryness. QS
   + specification       +QS-stitch
Modality Factors which aggravate (agg) or ameliorating (amel) a symptom Aggravation by cold wind, amelioration with warmth. QM
   + specification       +QM-agg-cold-wind
Concomitant Symptoms that typically accompany other symptoms. Headaches accompany anticipatory anxieties. QC
   + specification       +QC-headaches
Times Times when symptoms appear or disappear Headaches at 7 am. QT
   + specification       +QT-7am
Mind Mental or emotional disturbances. Fear, sadness QM
   + specification       +QM-fear
Clinical finding Clinical findings and signs. Eczema, sweating QF
   + specification       +QM-eczema
  1. Q = Quality; L = Locality; S = Sensation; M = Modality; C = Concomitant; T = Times; M = Mind; F = Clinical findings; agg = Aggravation; amel = Amelioration