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Table 5 Taking Action Together Project Plan - Project Timeline

From: Taking Action Together: A YMCA-based protocol to prevent Type-2 Diabetes in high-BMI inner-city African American children

Project Year1 13 23 33 43
Develop program A B C D             
Refine program      A B C D A B C D     
Convene Advisory Board   B     B     B     B   
Train staff    C D A B C D A B C D A B C  
Conduct process evaluation      A B C D A B C D A B C D
Recruit study participants                 
   First cohort (n = 103)    C D             
   Second cohort (n = 63)        C D         
   Third cohort (n = 69)            C D     
Provide intervention2                 
   First cohort      A B C D A B C D A    
   Second cohort          A B C D A B C D
   Third cohort              A B C D
Perform impact measures (0 = pre-study;1 = 1st Yr follow-up; 2 = 2nd Yr follow-up)2
   First cohort     0     1     2     
   Second cohort         0     1     2
   Third cohort             0     1
  1. 1 Project began middle of 2004 and ended in middle of 2008.
  2. 2 Quartiles of each study year are indicated as follows: A, 1st quartile; B, 2nd quartile, C, 3rd quartile, D, 4th quartile.
  3. 3 The first and second cohorts were followed for a total of two years whereas the third cohort was followed only for a single year.