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Table 1 Newhints visit schedule and content.

From: NEWHINTS cluster randomised trial to evaluate the impact on neonatal mortality in rural Ghana of routine home visits to provide a package of essential newborn care interventions in the third trimester of pregnancy and the first week of life: trial protocol

Early pregnancy Key messages:
     - Promote and plan for a facility delivery
     - Plan for a clean home delivery
     - Plan for emergencies
     - Sleep under a treated bed net
  Supporting messages:
     - Encourage antenatal care attendance
     - Seek care for maternal danger signs
3 rd trimester    - Dry, wrap & breastfeed immediately after delivery (plus 2nd assistant during home delivery to facilitate this)
     - Delay bathing for at least a day
Day of birth    - Weigh and assess the baby for danger signs
     - Refer very low birth weight (LBW) & potentially sick babies to hospital
     - Encourage exclusive breastfeeding (EBF)
     - Encourage good thermal care (bath with warm water, dry immediately and wrap well)
     - Encourage special care for LBW babies (Skin to skin contact, delay bathing at least 3 days, hygiene, frequent breastfeeding)
Day 3    - Assess baby for danger signs & refer sick babies
     - Reinforce EBF, thermal care
     - Teach newborn danger signs & encourage prompt care-seeking
Day 7    - Assess baby for danger signs & refer sick babies
     - Reinforce EBF, thermal care, prompt care-seeking
     - Encourage bed net use, immunisations
Other visits    - Follow-up visits within 24 hours for referred babies
     - Visit at 14 days for LBW babies