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Table 3 Trial inclusion and exclusion criteria used to search patient database

From: The Health Informatics Trial Enhancement Project (HITE): Using routinely collected primary care data to identify potential participants for a depression trial

Inclusion criteria Time Frame
Aged 18 years and over At any time
And Antidepressant therapy Within last 3 months
And Diagnosis of moderate to severe depression At any time
Patients excluded on basis of any one of  
Folate deficient <2.5 ng/L At any time
B12 deficient <150 pg/ml At any time
Taking folic acid supplements Within last two months
Past diagnosis of psychosis At any time
Pregnant or planning pregnancy Within last 10 months
Taking anticonvulsants At any time
Life expectancy less than 1 year At any time
Any unstable medical condition Within last 12 months
Taking Lithium At any time
Any malignancy At any time
Adverse reaction to folic acid At any time
Depression resolved Within last three months
Delirium At any time
Learning disability At any time