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Table 1 Results of applying inclusion and exclusion criteria to identify potential trial participants from five general practices

From: The Health Informatics Trial Enhancement Project (HITE): Using routinely collected primary care data to identify potential participants for a depression trial

Criterion applied Potential participants remaining
Aged 18 years and over 37263
Antidepressant therapy within last 3 months 2650
Lifetime diagnosis of moderate to severe depression 1247
Folate deficient <2.5 ng/L at any time 1237
B12 deficient <150 pg/ml at any time 1196
Taking folic acid supplements in last 2 months 1180
Lifetime diagnosis of psychosis 1116
Pregnant or planning pregnancy in last 10 months 1116
Taking anticonvulsants at any time 1008
Life expectancy less than 1 year 1007
Any unstable medical condition in last 12 months 976
Taking Lithium at any time 965
Lifetime diagnosis of malignancy 873
Adverse reaction to folic acid a any time 873
Depression resolved in last 3 months 872
Lifetime diagnosis of delirium 871
Lifetime diagnosis of learning disability 867
Final number of potential trial participants 867