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Table 1 Data Collection Schedule

From: Rationale and design: telephone-delivered behavioral skills interventions for African Americans with type 2 diabetes

Questionnaires/Measurements Baseline Visit 3-month Visit 6-month visit 12-month visit
Primary Outcome Measure     
HbA1c X X X X
Fasting lipid profile X X X X
Secondary Outcome Measures     
Physical Activity X X X X
Diet X X X X
Medication Adherence (eCaps) X X X X
Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose X X X  
Blood Pressure X X X X
Resource Use/Cost X X X X
Body Composition (BOD POD) X    X
Other Laboratory measurements X    X
Anthropometric measurements X X X X
Process Measures     
Diabetes Knowledge Questionnaire X X X X
Diabetes Empowerment Scale X X X X
Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities Scale X X X X
Treatment Credibility   X X  
Perceived Diabetes Self Efficacy Scale X X X X
Self-report Measures     
Patient Demographics X    
Quality of life (SF-12) X    X
Social support X    X
Health Literacy X    X
Depression (PHQ-9) X X X X
Medical Comorbidity (Charlson Index) X    X
Morisky Medication Adherence Scale X X X X
Diabetes Fatalism Scale X X X X
Service Delivery Perceptions   X X  
Assessment of eCaps Use   X X X