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Table 1 Outline of the assessments and timelines of the FABS II.

From: The fitness for the Ageing Brain Study II (FABS II): protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial evaluating the effect of physical activity on cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Assessment Tool Telephone Screen Baseline
(0 weeks)
(24 weeks)
12 months
(52 weeks)
Geriatric Depression Scale - 15 item X X X X
Cambridge Contextual Reading Test   X   
Alzheimer's disease Assessment Scale - Cognitive section   X X X
Standardized Mini-Mental State Examination   X X X
Clinical Dementia Rating Scale   X X X
Quality of Life - AD   X X X
Neuropsychiatric Inventory   X X X
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living   X X X
Activities of Daily Living   X X X
Short Form-36 version 2 (SF-36v2)   X X X
Zarit Burden Interview   X X X
Resting blood pressure   X X X
Height, weight, body composition, girths   X X X
Step test   X X X
Sit-to-stand test   X X X
Grip strength   X X X
Timed Up and Go test   X X X
Two-minute walk   X X X
Community Healthy Activities Model Program for Seniors (CHAMPS) questionnaire   X X X
Stages of Change   X X X
Satisfaction with Life   X X X
Self-Efficacy Questionnaire   X X X
DNA sample collection   X   
  1. The × indicates at which point of the trial the respective assessments took place. Follow-up times relate to baseline testing.