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Table 3 Content of baseline and follow-up questionnaires

From: Effectiveness of focused structural massage and relaxation massage for chronic low back pain: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Measures Baseline 10-Week 26-Week 52-Week
Sociodemographic characteristics x    
Body mass index (height, weight) x    
Current smoking status x    
Back pain history x    
* Roland Disability Questionnaire (dysfunction) x x x x
* Bothersomeness of low back pain x x x x
Satisfaction with back care x x x x
General Health Status (SF-12) x x   x
Disability days x x x x
Medication use x x x x
Worry about back problem x x x x
Exercise (Back-related, general) x x x x
Confidence in ability to self-manage future back pain x x   x
Perceived Stress (PSS) x x x x
Fear Avoidance (Tampa Scale) x x x x
Psychological Distress (MHI-5) x x x x
Global Rating of Improvement   x x x
Expectations of treatment x    
Knowledge of massage x    
Adverse experiences   x   
Perceptions of massage experience (massage arms only)   x x x
Use of non-health plan services for back pain   x x x
Use and cost of health plan services for back pain [from automated databases]
  1. * Co-primary outcome measures