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Table 1 Seven major categories of clinical research

From: Common definition for categories of clinical research: a prerequisite for a survey on regulatory requirements by the European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN)

Categories Includes
Clinical trials on medicinal products -phase I to IV trials
  -biotherapy trials (gene therapy, tissue engineering and cell therapy)
  -biopharmaceutical trials (blood-derived products, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins)
  -vaccines trials
  -fixed combination of medicinal products
  -multimodal trials
Clinical trials on medical devices -devices alone
  -devices combined with medicinal products
  Devices are considered either as authorised (bearing the European conformity (CE) label and used within its indication or intended purpose), or as non-authorised (non CE labelled or used in another indication)
Other therapeutic trials -radiotherapy trials
  -surgery trials
  -transplantation trials
  -transfusion trials
  -trials with cell therapy (when the cell preparation is not considered as an investigational medicinal product)
  -physical therapy trials
  -psychotherapy trials (without medicinal product)
Diagnostic studies -diagnostic or imaging studies without medicinal product or medical device
Clinical research on nutrition -nutritional studies
  -studies on nutritional supplements
Other interventional clinical research -complementary and alternative medicine,
not using medicinal products nor medical devices -collection of blood or tissue samples or other fluids
  -physiology studies
  -physiopathology studies
  -psychology studies.
Epidemiology -interventional and non-interventional pharmacoepidemiology
  -interventional and non-interventional epidemiology
  -retrospective studies
  -registries of patients