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Table 2 Eligibility Criteria.

From: A randomized, controlled, prospective trial to evaluate the haemostatic effect of Lyostypt versus Surgicel in arterial bypass anastomosis: "COBBANA" trial

• Patients > 18 years • Emergency surgery
• Informed Consent • Patients with coagulopathy or uremia
• Indication for a peripheral vascular reconstruction due to peripheral vascular disease • Participating in another trial with interfering endpoints
• Suture hole bleeding of peripheral arterial bypass anastomosis using PTFE graft • Patients requiring continuous postoperative anticoagulation
  • Reoperation within one month at the same location
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Known or suspected allergies or hypersensitivity to any of the used devices
  • Severe comorbidity (ASA >4)
  • Life expectancy less than 12 months
  • Current immunsuppressive therapy
  • Chemotherapy within last 4 weeks
  • Severe psychiatric or neurologic diseases
  • Lack of compliance
  • Drug- and/alcohol-abuse
  • Inability to understand and to follow the instructions given by the investigator