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Table 1 Secondary Outcome Measures

From: The HAART cell phone adherence trial (WelTel Kenya1): a randomized controlled trial protocol

Secondary outcome measures (6 months and 12 months post initiation of HAART) Type
Health outcomes  
Self-reported adherence as a percentage Binary
Suppressed HIV viral load (in copies) Continuous
Immune reconstitution (change in CD4 T cell count from baseline)  
Time to virological failure Continuous
   Weight gain [lbs] and BMI Time-to-event
   Occurrence of opportunistic infections (OIs) Continuous
   Time to reporting of adverse drug events (ADEs) Binary
   Deaths (all cause) Time-to-event
Quality of life (QOL) Time-to-event
   Satisfaction with care provided Continuous
Social factors Continuous
   Level of disclosure of HIV status  
   Impression of stigma Binary
   Family dyamics Continuous
Economic factors Continuous
   Employment attendance  
   Household member school attendance Continuous
   Cell phones lost/stolen Continuous
  1. HAART = highly active antiretroviral therapy, SF-12 = short form 12 adapted for regional application in Kiswahili.