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Table 1 Information intervention.

From: Structured information during the ICU stay to reduce anxiety: study protocol of a multicenter randomized controlled trial

Nr. Topic Details
1 People in the ICU • Health care professionals (nurses and intensive care nurses)
• Attending physician
• Clothing incl. specifics such as masks, gloves etc.
• Change of shifts
• Ward rounds
2 Devices and monitoring • Monitor incl. central monitoring
• Ventilator
• Infusion and syringe pump (infusomat and perfusor)
• Alarms
3 Room furnishing • Clock
• Bell system
• Room size
4 Individual safety • Tubes, drainages, wounds, urinary catheters, fixation
• Tube, respiratory mask
• Waking phase
• Intravenous access
• Bedding
• Dimming of the light
5 Schedule • Hospital stay duration
• Transfer to IMC
• Differences between IMC and ICU
• Nutrition
6 Communication • Nod, shake of the head
• Pens
7 Staff duties • Aspiration
• Mobilization
• Radiologic examinations
• Personal hygiene/oral hygiene
8 Conveniences • Analgesics and soporifics (pain relievers and sleeping pills)
• Visiting hours
• Information before nursing-medical interventions
9 Helpful thoughts • Everything is done for me. That is sign that everything worked alright.
• I don't have to suffer any pain; if necessary I will receive additional medication. In the meantime I can relax and continue to breathe calmly.
• Only a little longer, then I have made it.
  1. Topics of the information program.