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Table 1 List of cost items used in calculations of total costs. For each cost item hospital costs, overhead costs and consultants costs are included if appropriate.

From: Cost-minimization analysis in a blind randomized trial on small-incision versus laparoscopic cholecystectomy from a societal perspective: sick leave outweighs efforts in hospital savings

Preoperative General practioner
  First visit to outpatient clinic (20 min)
  X-thorax *
  Blood examinations
  Consultation pulmonologist (36 min)
  Consultation cardiologist (22.65 min)
  Consultation internist (30 min)
  ERCP (30 min)
  Ultrasound * (10 min)
Operative Hospital operating room per minute
  Anaesthesiologist per minute#
  Surgeon per minute
  Surgical resident per minute
  Laparoscopic instruments - reusable
  Laparoscopic instruments - disposable
Admittance Ultrasound localization of gallbladder
  Blood gas analysis (Åstrup)
  Spirometry analysis
  One night hospital stay
  One night medium care (including intensivist)
  Intensive care (with mechanical breathing)
  Intensive care (without mechanical breathing)
  Pathology examination
Follow-up Outpatients visit (10 min)
Complications Ultrasound drainage (10 min)
  Blood culture
  Blood transfusion
  Urologist outpatients visit (30 min)
  Gastroscopy (30 min)
  MRCP *
  CT abdomen *
  CT thorax *
  CT angiography *
  CT cerebrum *
  MR cerebrum *
  Emergency department visit
  Ultrasound duplex
  1. * Time spend by radiologists at diagnostic procedures was estimated at 10 minutes
  2. # In our hospital anaesthesiologists are responsible for two operations at a time. Therefore, 140 euro (per hour) was calculated for two operations resulting in 1.17 euro per minute per operation.
  3. Time spend by consultants (for diagnostic procedures) in brackets.