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Table 3 Reported rates of participant flow through the trial (reported as median rates across studies)

From: A review of reporting of participant recruitment and retention in RCTs in six major journals

Current stagea Next stagea Number of studiesb Median progressing to next stage First and third quartiles Minimum and maximum
Invited to eligibility assessment Attended eligibility assessment 13 70% 44%, 96% 15%, 100%
Attended eligibility assessment Found to be eligible 71 70% 49%, 88% 6%, 100%
Found to be eligible Randomised to a treatment arm 75 90% 77%, 100% 20%, 100%
Randomised to a treatment arm Outcome assessed 113 93% 86%, 99% 49%, 100%
Outcome assessed Included in analysis 111 100% 100%, 103%c 100%, 202%c
  1. a 'Current stage' denotes the denominator and 'Next stage' the numerator for the percentage progressing to next stage within each study
  2. b Relates to the number of studies providing relevant data
  3. c In some instances missing outcome data were imputed, hence percentages greater than 100% are possible here