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Table 1 Data Collection Schedule

From: Rationale and design: telepsychology service delivery for depressed elderly veterans

Study Instrument Screening
4 Weeks Visit 8 Weeks Visit 3 Months Visit 12 Months Visit
Screening/Baseline Assessment       
Demographic Questionnaire X      
Geriatric Depression Scale X X X X X X
SCID   X     X
Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire X      
Multi-Method Assessment       
Beck's Depression Inventory   X X X X X
Beck's Anxiety Inventory   X X X X X
SF-36   X X X X X
Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Form   X    X X
Morisky Medication Adherence Form   X    X X
Process Variables       
Charleston Psychiatric Satisfaction Scale    X X X X
Treatment Credibility    X X X X
Service Delivery Perceptions    X X X X
Treatment Adherence (Therapists)    X X X X
Session Attendance/Attrition (Therapists)    X X X X
Prior Computer/Audiovisual Tech. Experience    X X X X
Resource Utilization       
Baseline Visit Form   X     
Standard Follow-up Form      X X