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Table 2 Definitions used in SECETCM-HF.

From: Study on the evaluation of the clinical effects of traditional chinese medicine in heart failure by complex intervention: protocol of SECETCM-HF

Term Definition
Differentiation By TCM diagnostic method, to differentiate patients' TCM syndrome comprehensively, and then determine the treating principles based on it.
Qi Deficiency Insufficiency of vital Qi or dysfunction of Qi
Yin Deficiency Insufficiency of essence, blood or body fluid
Yang Deficiency Insufficiency or dysfunction of yang Qi
Blood Stasis Unsmooth blood circulation
Phlegm Retention Concrete or invisible pathological products caused by dysfunction of body fluid metabolism
Cardiac Ultrasound Indexes Using improved-Simpson method to calculate ESV, EDV and EF, et al.
The information obtained by TCM four diagnostic methods The items of TCM syndromes, tongue and pulse characters by inspecting, listening to the sound and smelling the odors, inquiring and pulse-taking.
Quality of Life Evaluating the quality of life by Minnesota Quality of Life scale combined with TCM characteristic items